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Here you will find the best deals, guides and tips for purchasing and using PLR Articles on the web. PLR Articles can be one of the greatest investments you can make for your online business. I do my best to provide you with quality PLR content for whatever use you may need. Take a look around; I hope you’re happy with what you see.

What are PLR Articles?

PLR articles differ from, say, purchasing articles from paid writers because it gives you the full rights to edit and use the work in any way you want. You could add your own name, use them for marketing purposes, share great information or repurpose them into other online opportunities - basically: you can use them however you want.

How PLR Content can help your Projects

The private label right content here on PLRArticlesNow.com isn’t just a collection of inexpensive articles, it’s a great solution to common problems you may be facing with your online projects, business or website:

  • Save hours of your day from having to write
  • Quickly launch new online projects without the hang ups
  • Deliver great content in niche topics to your community
  • Build powerful backlinks, traffic and an online presence

Online projects take time to develop; I don’t think you should spend all of your time writing content when you could be working on the bigger picture – this is why I’ve created PLRArticlesNow, to deliver you great content at an affordable rate and save hours of your time each day.

What is PLR Articles Now?

I started PLR Articles Now because the general market for private label rights content aren’t up to the standards that web users want today. You see it everywhere: Download 100,000′s of PLR Content for your website! The problem with these packs are that they’ve been so over saturated to the point that they barely provide value to your website or projects (and your readers). I wanted to change that.

You can accomplish the following with PLR Articles:

  • Deliver great content for your website and its community
  • Use PLR content for your email marketing campaign
  • Build traffic to your website or build incredibly powerful backlinks
  • Repurpose articles into list building freebies or entire products
  • Create compelling audio or video using the information within each article

I work hard to stay up to date with current trends and developments within each niche I write about so I can deliver the best work to you – and your audience.

A Little Bit about Me

My name is Murray and I’ve been writing for many years now; I can’t even remember when I started but ever since I published my first article online, I was hooked. I’ve gone on to create some incredible pieces of content for the web which I publish through my own blog Murlu.com along with various niche websites I own. Additionally, I’ve connected with some of the best and brightest in the world of blogging, marketing and online business which has allowed me to learn the cutting edge information so I can write about it online.

As I mentioned, I love writing but what I love the most is improving others through what I have to offer in my writing. I love to teach (it was passed down from my parents) and, naturally, writing for the web is a perfect outlet. I want to deliver this same passion for writing; I’m very proud of the work I produce and hope that you find it so valuable that you’ll be coming back time and time again.