PLR Resources

I do my best to provide high quality private label rights content to all of you but as you could expect, it’s a daunting task. Luckily, there are many great PLR providers that have excellent resources, tools and additional article options for those that are using PLR in their online campaigns.

As you can expect, there are a lot¬†of niche topics out there which is why smaller PLR writers, such as myself, try to keep within a general area (I mostly write about business, blogging, social media and web technologies). However, I don’t want to exclude you if you happen to be looking for personal finance, product reviews, latest trends and more.

I’ve put together this general list of products and PLR sources that I really like and think you can gain a lot from. These are a mix of PLR providers I respect along with some software tools that will certainly aid you in using PLR effectively.


ALLstar PLR – Peggy Baron (my mentor) is behind this project and she does a masterful job at providing everything under the sun related to PLR – articles, ebooks and training materials; this is where I would go first if you can’t find what you’re looking for here.


PLR.ME – An excellent resources for learning how to effectively use PLR articles; this website mostly deals in Self-Help and Finance PLR articles.


Content Professor – An easy-to-use article spinner program that will help you rewrite PLR articles so they appear unique to search engines and so you can mass distribute them across the web for more exposure.


3D Cover Creator – Another easy-to-use program but this one is for creating those 3D covers for eBooks and software boxes which will increase your opt-in rate when building a list or if you’re selling an information product.


PLR Ebook Club – A massive collection of private lable ebooks for a very inexpensive price; this is a great place if you can’t find a niche topic that I’ve yet to cover on PLRArticlesNow.


GHOSTBLOGGERS - I’ve created content for this site before (and still do). If you need a unique article than I highly recommend this website; you may be able to find a few of my articles as well.


PLR Wholesaler – Although the selection is huge, you can expect a bit of saturation but none-the-less, if you’re looking for PLR related to just about any niche, you can find it here.


Note from me: The links on this page are for affiliate offers so if you happen to purchase through them, I will receive a small commission which will help me continue to provide new PLR articles for you – thank you for your support!